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Sean McAvinue

Head Coach

Sean has lived in southern NJ most of his life and has been a coach or member at a number of CrossFit gyms in the area. As Sean was finishing up college in 2012, he discovered CrossFit and shortly after that time tried to turn it into a career. The rest is history and coaching people in CrossFit, nutrition/lifestyle, olympic lifting, and person training has been his job and passion ever since. Outside of the gym, Sean loves to be outdoors with his wife Lauren and their 2 dogs. They can be found at the beach surfing, hiking trails all over the country, or out fishing.

1. Describe your athletic background.

I am one of four siblings, so growing up so we played outside and would run pick up games of every sport! After finishing up college tennis, I found myself lost without having a team around me. I started to get into distance running and ran myself right into an overuse injury. While I was resting the injury, I found a CrossFit gym and was hooked!

2. How and when did you become familiar with CrossFit?


I started CrossFit in 2012 after my older brother had urged me to try it. It wasn’t until a surf trip to Florida where my brother out surfed me that I took his advice!

3. What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?


My most memorable CrossFit moment is actually a group of moments. Doing the open every year since 2013! The Crossfit open is my favorite time of year where I get to see people get out of their comfort zones and do things they never thought they could!

4. What advice would you have for people interested in starting CrossFit?


Try it with a friend! CrossFit is not the competition documentaries that you see online, it is a group of people that want to get a good workout, stay healthy, and have fun!

5. What inspires you to keep training and become better every day?

I used to train every day to be better at CrossFit so I could compete in the local competitions that I loved. The last couple years my focus has shifted to perfecting my form and training for longevity. I still love doing the occasional team competition with friends, but my ultimate goal is to be able to workout, hike, run, and do anything I want outside of the gym!

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