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 R.D.T. Fit 

What is R.D.T. Fit?

R.D.T. Fit is similar to CrossFit in its methodology and effectiveness, but slightly different in its programming and use of equipment. It is an hour long, coached class that consists of a warm-up, workout out, and cool down. Participants will use kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, bikes, sleds, ropes, ab mats, rings, etc. to complete a workout consisting of both cardio and weightlifting.

Who is R.D.T. Fit for?

R.D.T. Fit is a great program for many, both new and old! If you are a beginner, R.D.T. Fit is potentially a less intimidating way to get into the gym and start moving. If you are a current member of R.D.T. and find yourself modifying many of the movements due to an injury or other limitation, R.D.T. Fit can provide the opportunity to get a great workout in.


When do classes run?

Monday and Thursday at 5:45 pm and Saturday morning at 9:30 am.

What does an R.D.T. Fit membership look like?

R.D.T. Fit memberships are purchased as classes, not on a

month-to-month basis. You can purchase 5, 10, or 20 classes

that expire after one year of purchase.

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