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Dr. David M. Lorenzo Jr. PT, DPT

Owner and Coach

Dr. Lorenzo is originally from Horsham, PA, but found his way down to the Southern New Jersey area in 2016.  He attended the University of Pittsburgh where he was the President of Panther CrossFit.  After undergrad, Dave attended Arcadia University to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  He has been a practicing Physical Therapist for the past few years in the sports and outpatient orthopedic setting.  Dave has been a die hard CrossFitter since 2009.  He has nearly ten years of coaching experience, coaching athletes of all ages.  He finds great fulfillment in helping people reach their goals.

Fun Fact: Dave has competed in every CrossFit games Open competition since its inception!

1. Describe your athletic background.

I played almost every sport I can think of growing up. I played football and baseball in high school. Once I found CrossFit, that became my new passion!

2. How and when did you become familiar with CrossFit?


My high school strength and conditioning coach for football started experimenting with the CrossFit program.  I was hooked immediately! I remember doing Fran (Classic CrossFit workout) in high school (with terrible excuses for pull ups). I feel very fortunate to have found CrossFit so early.

3. What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?


I have had so many great experiences in the CrossFit community that it is hard to pick! There are a few moments during the CrossFit Open workouts where I repeated a workout and was able to achieve a score I didn’t think possible.  I didn't believe I was able to push myself to my absolute limit. These are the moments that make you extremely proud of your efforts; not because of your score, but because you were able to overcome your own limitations to achieve something special. My second favorite might be meeting many of the CrossFit legends at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

4. What advice would you have for people interested in starting CrossFit?


The longer you wait, the earlier you wish you would have started! Just go for it. The community and the coaches will guide you through every step of the way. Do not focus on the outcome, but rather the journey. Celebrate the small victories, and enjoy your ability to move! Never take your health for granted.

5. What inspires you to keep training and become better every day?


CrossFit is fun!! I love the program, and the community it creates is unmatched. I still feel like I have not reached my full potential athletically, and this drives me to truly see what I am capable of day in and day out.

6. What motivates you to be a coach at R.D.T.?

I truly believe R.D.T. is my purpose and calling in life. Eight years ago, this was just a small dream, and I have worked extremely hard to bring it to life. The goal has always been to be able to love what I do every day and put myself in a position to make real, tangible change in the lives of others. Today, R.D.T exists for you, and I can’t wait to be a part of your fitness journey.

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