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What is it?

This course is an in depth introduction focused on building the foundation needed to excel in CrossFit and functional training! Dr. Lorenzo instructs members on several areas of interest including technique for all major exercises, terminology (ALL the lingo!), as well as proper progressions and scaling options for all movements. Members are also educated on the beauty of this "CrossFit stuff" and why the methodology is so effective for helping us thrive in life and sport. We believe this course is an integral part of what sets R.D.T. apart, as both beginners AND veteran CrossFitters are guaranteed to learn a lot from this experience.

4 weeks - 2 Classes per week (Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 PM)

1 Hour 15 Minutes -  Instruction, Practice, and classic CrossFit workouts!

Why do we do it?

As coaches, we want to first make sure all of our members have a safe and exceptional training program. In our experiences, those athletes who are coached through these specifics early and extensively, are those who tend to make the most gains, remain injury free,  and maintain optimal health the easiest.


If you are gonna do it, really do it, and do it right.

What's next?

After this course, members can attend our CrossFit group classes where their fitness journey will continue with the guidance of our coaches.

The learning will continue to happen for years to come (trust me).


If you have CrossFit experience, Foundations might not be necessary for you!

What's the schedule?

This is a 4 week course offered every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6:00 PM.

If these session times do not work for you, please contact us so we can determine if we can better accommodate you with a 1-1 or small group training version of this course.


Due to the nature of this course, we must cap it at 12 individuals to make sure everyone has adequate personal attention. If you would like to participate in this course, but it is currently in progress, you may participate in our R.D.T. Fit classes for ZERO extra charge. Just pay your registration fee upfront, and you are good to go until the next course starts. This is a good opportunity to get your sweat on, meet our coaches,  and introduce yourself to your new community.

You will wish you started earlier! So start NOW!

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