CrossFit R.D.T. takes programming very seriously as we expect to produce a consistent, appropriate, and effective stimulus for every one of our members. We understand that our athletes come from a wide variety of backgrounds that range from experienced to brand new CrossFitters. We want to create an environment where everyone can enjoy their fitness experience and continue to develop their capacity. We have four tracks of programming that will be instructed every CrossFit class: FIT, Modified, Rx, and Competitor.  When reviewing the descriptions below, remember your coach is always there to help you make individual adjustments based on your specific needs.




This program is for athletes that are either new to exercise or back from an

extended hiatus due to life or an injury. This programming allows athletes

to learn the proper movement patterns necessary to advance in CrossFit.

This program has requires very limited use of the barbell and the rig,

focusing mostly on kettlebell, dumbbell, and body weight movements.



Athletes new to the CrossFit program who are still getting a hang of the

workouts will benefit from using the modified option of the daily workout.

Usually this means reducing the load or decreasing the difficulty

of a skill seen in the Rx'd version.


Our workouts are designed with an intended stimulus labeled Rx

(your prescribed dose of daily fitness). Those with sufficient experience,

mechanics, strength, and skill to handle classic CrossFit workouts

can follow this programming.



Seasoned athletes who have CrossFit experience and are now

looking to take their performance to next level in order to compete in CrossFit,

will excel following the Competitor programming. Whether they are

competing in a local throw-down or gearing up for The Games,

this programming is designed to prepare them.


All workouts will be supplemented with recommended accessory work every day.