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Dr. David M. Lorenzo Jr. PT, DPT dreamt up the idea of R.D.T. as a young college student. He hoped one day he'd be able to bring his love of CrossFit, movement, and people together in one place. That time finally came after college, graduate school, and working as a licensed Physical Therapist. Along with his wife, Danielle, they worked diligently towards making that dream a reality.

The ultimate goal of R.D.T. is to create real, tangible change in the lives of others through health and fitness.  The structure of R.D.T. allows this change to occur in a variety of ways and from many different starting points. Nevertheless, the end goal remains to drive people towards peak health.


R.D.T. stands for realize, develop, thrive. It outlines the culture we want to create as we look to boost confidence and preach hard work. In our doors, as a client, you will “realize your potential, develop your capacity, and thrive in life and sport.”

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